What are your rituals of connection?

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get disconnected. 

You may both have full-time jobs that take up most of your day. By the time you finish your work duties, sort the mail, take care of dinner, and wash up, you probably feel pretty exhausted. 

Time to connect? How about time to sleep!

Too many couples let their daily lives interfere with the activities that make them feel most alive and connected.  

Rituals of connection are a powerful antidote to disconnection in our society.

These are structured routines and habits that bring you closer together. They are essential for creating a life of fulfillment and joy together.

What are the different kinds of rituals of connection, you may ask?

There are rituals for everyday living, rituals for communication, rituals for lovemaking, rituals for recreation, and rituals for celebrations and holidays.

You probably have rituals that you developed without even thinking about them. For example, you may hug and kiss one another passionately upon leaving for the day. You may go away for the weekend to celebrate your anniversary. You may share a moment of prayer before eating dinner together.

Each of these activities infuse a sense of unity with your partner and help you slow down to appreciate the moment. Research on the science of well-being shows that these activities, in addition to goal-setting and a few others, are key ingredients for creating a life of contentment. (For further reading on the science of well-being, see Sonja Lyubormirsky’s text, The How of Happiness.)

As a couple moving into an important stage of commitment, this is a good time to be intentional about rituals of connection. 

This week, I encourage you to experiment with a new ritual of connection.

How about a new bedtime ritual? 

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Evening backrubs
  • Reading to one another
  • Sharing one thing you are grateful for on that day
  • Meditating together for a few minutes
  • Listening to relaxing music together

If the new ritual works for you, keep it! If not, try something else. You can also rotate through different rituals. Keep it fresh! 

What's most important is that the ritual consistently brings that "warm-fuzziness" you know and love so well.

So, what's your new bedtime ritual? Shoot me a line and let me know!