Ready to take the next big step in your partnership?

I offer the "Core Skills for Lifelong Love" course to couples worldwide via online video.

Here's How We Work Together:

We first begin with a free 30-minute consultation so I can learn more about

  • your background
  • your needs as a couple
  • the relationship intelligence skills you would like to focus on

Individual Discovery

Part of our work is learning more about yourself and what you are looking for in partnership. I will share with you online diagnostic tools and journal prompts to be completed individually outside of our sessions and shared with your partner during our time together.

Practice and Master your RQ Skills

Our sessions are run like a workshop. As an educator, I’ll share with you core Relational Intelligence (RQ) principles and skills. As your facilitator, I will guide you and your partner through key conversations to practice and master these essential RQ skills.

Topics We Cover

Our sessions are intended to be personalized to your needs. If you are moving in together or about to get married, I recommend a 5-session package to cover the fundamentals of epic partnership. From there, we can venture further in areas where you would like additional support.

Topics include:

Vision and Goals: What do you want to create together?

Create and implement a vision and a lifeplan together, based on what brings you the most authentic joy and happiness

Growth and Conflict: How to fight better and less often?

Learn the 4 essential skills for moving through conflict with grace and ease

Finances and Home: How to manage money and time like pros?

Develop clear systems to help you spend your time and money wisely as a couple

Passion and Play: How to become epic lovers for a lifetime?

Develop a common language for play and desire, as well as hack your love chemistry

Career and Life Dreams: How to coach each other for success? 

Help each other actualize your fullest potential in work and in life

Habits and Rituals:  How to design your partnership for long-term happiness?

Design the right habits to keep you connected throughout busy daily life

It's an Investment in Your Lifelong Happiness.

The 5-week private coaching experience includes:

5 personalized video coaching sessions to help you build the core skills together

A salon guide with discussion questions to help you grow closer

Ongoing support via email as needed throughout the salon

 Autumn Special: $949 for 5 session package

(or $249 for individual sessions)

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