It's tough to be in a committed partnership these days.

Most of our generation grew up with divorced parents, so we've come to accept serial monogamy as the norm. And, although the divorce rate is getting better, recent research shows that...

A young couple marrying for the first time today has a lifetime divorce risk of 40 percent, unless current trends change significantly.

And things are harder now for couples.

In addition to the expected challenges of lifelong partnership, you are now bombarded with never-ending digital disruptions, trying to make ends meet in a world of financial instability, and living in a time when extramarital lovers are available at the swipe of an app. 

It's time for a relationship revolution.

You are not born great partners, but it's possible to learn how to become one.

In this program, I bring together decades of research into a simple framework so you can learn the tools you need to become truly epic couples for our time.

This experience will help you fight less, play more, and create the life you always wanted together. 

In this training, you'll learn the essential skills for an epic partnership:

Vision and Goals: What do you want to create together?

Create and implement a vision and a lifeplan together, based on what brings you the most authentic joy and happiness

Growth and Conflict: How to fight better and less often?

Learn the 4 essential skills for moving through conflict with grace and ease

Finances and Home: How to manage money and time like pros?

Develop clear systems to help you spend your time and money wisely as a couple

Passion and Play: How to become epic lovers for a lifetime?

Develop a common language for play and desire, as well as hack your love chemistry

Career and Life Dreams: How to coach each other for success? 

Help each other actualize your fullest potential in work and in life

Habits and Rituals:  How to design your partnership for long-term happiness?

Design the right habits to keep you connected throughout busy daily life 

This salon is ideal for couples who are:

living together


about to get married


in the first few years of marriage

At the end of this program, you'll walk away with:

...a solid understanding of what it takes to beat the odds of divorce.

...deeper knowledge of who you are and what you need in partnership.

...real-world tools and tips to create the partnership you always wanted.

What are you waiting for?

Don't wait until these important issues turn into problems down the road. In four sessions, you and your partner will build a solid foundation for lifelong love, saving you countless hours of heartache and potentially thousands of dollars in therapist fees.

It's an Investment in Your Lifelong Happiness.

The 5-week salon includes:

5 live group sessions to build the skills you need in real-time

5 guides with discussion questions to help you grow closer

Participation in our private online community for all your Q and A needs

Ongoing support as needed throughout the salon

Summer Special: $249

(regular price: $399)

Next training begins: September 9, 2017

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